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Psychic Power Review

Psychic Power Review

Psychic Power is a small psychic network that offers telephone readings to its customers. The site also has a number of other features for their customers to enjoy, including a forum and psychic article section.

Types of Readings

Psychic Power offers phone readings only at present. Reading categories include psychics, mediums, love and relationships, career and finance, tarot, astrology and horoscopes, runes, Kabbalah, spirituality and Eastern philosophy. Each psychic’s profile features information about the type of readings they give and their schedule. You can also read their client feedback; I was pleased to see both positive and negative feedback for psychics when I checked through a few of the psychic’s profiles, as this goes to show that Psychic Power is a company that isn’t trying to fool its customers. Website Impressions

My first impression of the Psychic Power website is that it is a little cluttered and confusing. I couldn’t work out immediately if phone or chat readings were offered. I also found a page on the website that was not finished, it contained the Latin script that web designers use to gauge the amount of words they’ll need for each box on the website. This suggests that the site is, as yet, incomplete or was being updated at the time of my visit, or maybe it was just a glitch? It’s only a small complaint, but something I feel I have to mention.

The ‘About Us’ section of the site doesn’t give a great deal of information about the background of Psychic Power, or let you know how long they have been in business for, it only lists their aims and beliefs. Statements such as “We believe in ourselves” and “We believe in you” are written on the About Us page and I feel that this does not provide potential customers with enough solid information or reassurance.

Psychic Screening Process

Psychics working from this site are tested for their accuracy and ability; the information I found says that ‘several individuals’ carry out these tests, including other psychics. On the Home page, they state that their readers are kind-hearted people, something that some people will be drawn to but that others may find off-putting. I think many people who enjoy regular psychic readings are familiar with readers who seem to be kind and well-meaning, but who lack psychic pizzazz!

Prices and Offers

Cost per minute depends on each psychic reader with many psychics working in the $1.99 to $3.99 range, although some are charging higher rates per minute. New customers can get a reading for less than 50 cents per minute, with a 10 minute reading costing $4.99 and a 25 minute reading set at $9.99. Existing customers can get free credits to their accounts each time they add more funds.


While the site has a slightly untidy feel to it, I feel that it does have some good features that could be developed, there’s a nice section featuring psychic articles, a forum for members to discuss psychic issues and some psychics working from Psychic Power contribute to the site’s blog. I do feel, however, that Psychic Power is yet to establish itself as a leading psychic network and that other sites provide a great deal more information about their background.

[cow_johnson general_float="center" general_bgcolor="#daecfa" general_fontsize="16"]If you’re ready to talk with a live psychic that is accurate, caring, and honest – then I highly recommend Asknow.  You can call them toll-free 24/7 at: (888) 967-6444[/cow_johnson]

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