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What Are Clairsentient Psychics and What Do They Do?

What Are Clairsentient Psychics and What Do They Do?

A clairsentient is a person with the psychic ability to sense the energy field around a person. A person with this gift is not able to predict the future or communicate with spirit guides, but can still offer much in the way of help and guidance in matters of emotion and redirection of energy.

The Abilities of Clairsentients

Along with energy, clairsentients are sensitive to smells, such as cologne or smoke, and can feel sensations such as tapping and temperature changes that can indicate the presence of angel and spirit guides who wish to direct the clairsentient’s intuition.

A great number of people who are clairsentient write off their abilities to being oversensitive. Some are able to feel the vibrations that are given off by an object or a person. These vibrations can provide a picture of what the internal state of the object or person is. A clairsentient may also be able to determine what is occurring at a far away location by projecting their senses out.

How Clairsentients Help with Well-Being

A psychic with clairsentience can get in touch with unexpressed emotions and energies that can give valuable insight into a situation. As an example, a clairsentient might sense discomfort in a person, indicating there may be negative energy surrounding them. The psychic may also experience a sensation of light, which would suggest that there is positive energy around the person.

How Psychics Can Help with Relationships

A clairsentient psychic can be very helpful to couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties by bringing hidden issues out into the open. This is accomplished by focusing on the vibrations that exist between the two people, which may be showing up as gut feelings or anxious butterflies.

The psychic can help a couple couple confront and evaluate the emotions they are feeling, helping them to regain equilibrium and making it possible for them to move forward on a more positive path. This often results in better communication and a greater understanding of mutual needs.

How Psychics Help with Personal Growth

A clairsentient can pinpoint negative emotions, such as anxiety, stress or sadness, that are blocking a person from enjoying life or success. This is done by examining the individual’s aura and finding the source of the negativity that is holding the person back and making the energy flow more in a more positive manner through the use of empathy.

The Asknow Psychic Network has experienced clairsentients waiting to assist with matters of emotion and energy.

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