Sunday , 20 April 2014

How To Get The Best Psychic Readings and Avoid Psychic Scams!

Hundreds of people everyday use psychic readings for guidance and insight into the present and future.  Whether you need help with your love life or just want to know what your future entails, a real psychic reading can give you the answers you need.  Here’s some of the most common questions that you can get help with:

  • When Will I Meet My Soul Mate?
  • Should I Quit My Job And Find A New Career?
  • Will My Relationship Ever Work or Should I Just Move On?
  • What Does My Future Entail?
  • Is My Partner Cheating On Me?

My name is Alissa Tucker and I’ve been using psychic readings for the past 10 years.  I’ve tried many different types of psychic readings including phone readings, online chat, tarot cards, palm readings, and even face-to-face readings.   I’ve learned quite a few lessons over the years, and one thing I can tell you is that not all psychic readers are created equal!

In fact, the majority of the psychic advisors that I’ve used over the years gave me bad predictions that simply never came true.  As a result, I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on fake psychics that gave me vague advice that could apply to almost anyone.  There are only a couple psychics that I’ve used that I would recommend to my friends or family, and I’ll give you my recommendations below.  But first, I’m going to tell you how you can avoid online psychic scams, so you can avoid wasting money like I did!

My Tips For Avoiding Online Psychic Scams

  • Stay away from “free readings” – These types of promotions are usually just a way to lure you in to a phone call, where they will then offer you a vague reading before trying to convince you to pay money to finish the reading and get the real answers you’re seeking.  Often times, you get what you pay for, and free psychics could be nothing more than bad advice.
  • Recognize the “Curse Scam” – They will tell you that you and/or your family is cursed so that you will pay to talk to them longer and sometimes pressure you to buy their special candles and other things that will end up costing you a lot of money.  Real psychics know there’s no such thing as a curse and they will never try to get you scared about you or your family’s health and well-being to try and get you to depend on them.
  • Avoid new companies – There are so many fly-by-night psychic networks that popup one day, and then disappear weeks later after people realize their predictions never came true.  It’s important to only work with reputable companies with a solid reputation and years of experience (see my recommendations below).
  • Are they asking you a lot of questions? – A good way to find out if a psychic is a fraud is if they ask you a lot of personal questions.  The real truth is that if they were really a clairvoyant psychic, they would already know almost everything they need to give you a real psychic reading so they shouldn’t have to ask a lot of questions.

The Only Two Psychic Networks That I Recommend Using…

These are my top recommended companies if you’re seeking a 100% legitimate psychic reading.  I’ve used both of these psychic networks countless times, and I’ve never been disappointed with a reading.  Their psychics are very friendly and knowledgeable, and they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

 Tips For Getting The Best Readings

  • Stop your chat with a psychic if they mention you or your family has a curse (common scam)
  • Look for a psychic reader that specializes in what you’re looking for – like love and relationship psychics
  • Read the reviews and ratings left by people who have tried the reader
  • Think about what you would like to discuss during your reading and make notes

Final Thoughts

If you are just starting to get spiritual readings or are unhappy with the network that you are currently dealing with, I would definitely recommend at least trying AskNow and PsychicSource. They both have great introductory offers and always promise 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I’ve had great experiences with my psychic readings at both of these companies, especially regarding my work and love life. I would love to hear your own thoughts and questions about these online psychic networks!

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